SOAP House Design Inc. Workshops

Our neighbourhoods were cobbled together over generations by Owners, Builder, Designers and Tenant’s just like today. Unfortunately the structure of our households changes rapidly.

Our households: Single people, childless couples, single parents, empty nesters, grey nomads and traditional couple with children represent a diverse market and it is likely this mix will become more volitile in future in response to economic changes and individuals opting for minimalist life style choices.

Changes to the shape and style of our housing stock will require  today’s owners, builders and designers to work with prospective tenants to rapidly reconfigure the stock of dwellings to be fit for purpose and cost effective.

SOAP House Design Inc. is a self help group incorporated in Victoria. It’s aim is to assist owners to rapidly reconfigure the existing housing to respond to today’s needs with minimal cost. To economically meet housing need for family, friends and tenants.

There is no need to Develop the fringes of cities and towns at great cost. New Roads and Utilities. New schools and shops. New hospitals, clinics and recreation facilities.

Some Established neighbourhoods have declining populations with slumping spending habits puting at risk viable commercial and community facilities.

With thoughtful, transparent design and consultation processes owners are invited to discuss simple changes to existing houses and gardens. To make best use of inside and outside spaces. To provide separate access to surplus space to be freed up for a tenant or friend.

Even better these changes can be made with the assistance and agreement of adjoining neighbours.

If your are interested in exploring the benefits contact Howard or Lubosh at SOAP House Design Inc for a free discussion and workshop.

The more neighbours that can join forces the better the result.

Most of our events are held at The Sustainable Activity Centre on the Lincoln Causeway in Wodonga. Our workshops are focused on the theme of sustainable building design, but we will also run short courses in related areas such as waste reduction, material reuse and more…

We recently held meetings for Sustainable House Day at Benalla, Wodonga and Wangaratta at various venues, some of them associated with projects we are involved in, for example the One To One housing development in Euroa run by Smart Block Designer.

Our next event will be Tiny House Workshop run for Wodonga City Council as part of their Sustainable Lifestyle Festival on 18 November 2017 at Junction Square in Wodonga (complete with a Tiny House display). See our events page on Facebook for more information.