Tiny House Rules and Regulations

A workshop on Rules and Regulations for Tiny Houses will be run by Tiny Houses Albury Wodonga under the sponsorship of SOAP House Design Inc on 14 April 2018 from 2 PM at The Sustainable Activity Centre on the Lincoln Causeway in Wodonga.

While the minimalist trend focused on Tiny Houses has received a lot of publicity in the recent times, there are not that many Tiny Houses in existence, partly due to lack of information on how to downsize safely within the existing planning rules and regulations. This workshop will attempt to shed some light on the stumbling blocks that new owners might face when building a Tiny House (with or without wheels) as their permanent place of residence. Council staff does not need to attend in official capacity, this is an interest group that would welcome anyone who can contribute to the discussion.

Feel free to join us, the workshop is open to public and is offered FREE of charge! More information on Tiny Houses Albury Wodonga Facebook page: