Who is SOAP House Design for ?

Are you comparing rental properties as a potential investor or tenant?

Perhaps you are an empty nester looking to downsize.

You could be a first homebuyer disenchanted with the options left in your price bracket.
No matter how many weeks you have devoted to scanning the internet and attending house opens, there are four simple rules that will put you ahead of the pack when it comes to identifying a real bargain.


Open Space



The truth is our communities are made up of a stock of dwellings cobbled together over many years by designers, builders, owners and investors just like you. They had no idea about these simple concepts and as result many dwellings…houses…units…. large or small: on quarter acre lots or rural land just don’t make the grade.

Practice makes perfect so join in the fun at upcoming workshops…. we can start the ball rolling for you.

If you already have a small group of friends or tradespeople that you know and trust come along to a free workshop at one of these locations in North East Victoria.

Day Date Location From To Contact Mobile
Sunday 3 September 2017 Benalla 2.00pm 4.00pm Howard 0409 504 520
Wednesday 13 September 2017 Wangaratta 5.00 PM 8.00pm Lubosh 0427 636 466
Sunday 17 September Benalla 10.00am 4.00pm Howard 0409 504 520
 Sunday  17 September  Wodonga  10.00 AM  4.00 PM  Lubosh  0427636466

Builders, Designers, Buyers, Sellers, Renters and Landlords will find the short workshop fun and very worthwhile (https://vimeo.com/65996664)

If you’re ready please explore our Membership options!