Tiny Houses as an Affordable Housing alternative?

This is not really a question – of course Tiny Houses are an alternative as affordable housing. The underlying problem and the biggest white elephant in Australia is the price of land. Everyone wants to control their own patch and tries to accumulate property holdings as that often is how people get rich… Land prices in capital cities have been climbing for decades and it is becoming a distant and unaffordable dream for most young people to ever own their own house. A patch of dirt close to Darling Harbour would still cost a seven figure sum, regardless of having a permanent dwelling on it or an affordable Tiny House on Wheels… In my opinion the answer to the housing affordability crisis is the change in our perception of land ownership. When we buy land is it “forever”..? Do we live forever? Not yet,so what happens with the property when we die – it is part of the estate and our family will inherit it. Perhaps it’s time to change that, and make land ownership temporary – even shorter than the copyright on artworks.